The importance of muscle prevention for those who do sports.

Interview with Professor Andrea Ferretti, Head of Area Medica Azzurra (Italian Medical Area)

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"The club doctor is actually the player's personal doctor, while the national doctor is a bit like the emergency room doctor”.


You can accelerate post-injury recovery also at the table

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Not only waistline or in better shape, nutrition can also be decisive for recovering from an injury. Advice by nutritionist biologist Valentina Guttadauro.


When prevention hits the target. Paolo Battaglino, tells us about his commitment to disseminate use of the defibrillator

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It takes only a few minutes to work a miracle and save a human life. In this sense another fundamental factor enters the picture: training.


Volleyball, here's how to tape your hands and ankle. Advice by Dr Tonino Cianfoni

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In order to prevent an injury or to speed up recovery, it is therefore very important to tape the joints at risk.


Sports medicine, an interview with Luca Magni. We discover the Prato Medical Sport Centre

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Unfortunately, we are often still faced with the concept that the sports doctor is a bit like the old GP, after all, sports medicine is relatively “young”.


How does the Italian team prepare for a European Championship? Professor Castellacci answers

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Professor Enrico Castellacci describes the link between Sixtus Italia and the “Azzurri” – the Italian national football team.


How to exploit the advantages of Dream K: advice by Dr Tonino Cianfoni

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The importance of neuromuscular and proprioceptive taping.