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Ortopedix, the innovation in orthopaedics for everyone

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A new centre is born in Prato, representing the link between the orthopaedics and the sports sectors”, as managing director Lorenzo Trentanove explains.


Interview with Professor Andrea Ferretti, Head of Area Medica Azzurra (Italian Medical Area)

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"The club doctor is actually the player's personal doctor, while the national doctor is a bit like the emergency room doctor”.


Fast Track, a revolution in knee and hip prosthetic surgery

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Dr Andrea Baldini tells us how you can go back to walking already on the same day the surgery is carried out.


You can accelerate post-injury recovery also at the table

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Not only waistline or in better shape, nutrition can also be decisive for recovering from an injury. Advice by nutritionist biologist Valentina Guttadauro.


Sixtus Italia looks towards Bulgaria together with Ljubo Ganev. Interview with the volleyball champion of the nineties

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When I had the time and the opportunity to contact the teams directly, they pointed out to me that these were top quality products, only that there was nobody in Bulgaria who imported them.


When prevention hits the target. Paolo Battaglino, tells us about his commitment to disseminate use of the defibrillator

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It takes only a few minutes to work a miracle and save a human life. In this sense another fundamental factor enters the picture: training.


More energy on the pedals

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It must be said that cycling is among those sports where energy expenditure is greater and where, training or racing, climatic conditions sometimes become extreme, therefore the diet can become a valuable ally to tackle and overcome challenges.


RiEnergy, the natural recharge that comes from space

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RiEnergy is also a certified medical device equipped with 55 medical programs useful after an accident, an injury, or for inflammatory conditions and various kinds of pain.


Nibali, a champion under the microscope. Interview with Michele Pallini

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My teammates and I use various Sixtus products.


Sixtus Italia's recipe: focus on quality. Interview with the President Mauro Marrucci

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Innovation, quality, training. These are the three key words which have accompanied Sixtus Italia's work to date