Electro-medical equipment

Essential medical equipment for the treatment of diseases and for the psychophysical well-being that follows.

Ortopedix, the innovation in orthopaedics for everyone

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A new centre is born in Prato, representing the link between the orthopaedics and the sports sectors”, as managing director Lorenzo Trentanove explains.


Fast Track, a revolution in knee and hip prosthetic surgery

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Dr Andrea Baldini tells us how you can go back to walking already on the same day the surgery is carried out.


RiEnergy, the natural recharge that comes from space

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RiEnergy is also a certified medical device equipped with 55 medical programs useful after an accident, an injury, or for inflammatory conditions and various kinds of pain.


TECnosix Red Coral, the innovative portable device for diathermy

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Diathermy Made in Italy. Effectiveness, quick results, easy-to-use, selectivity in the treatment action and energy saving.


Game Ready defines a new recovery model: active compression and a cold exchange loop

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An innovative American machine which helps healing musculoskeletal traumas.


Giuliano Razzoli tells us about his recovery from the injury with Game Ready

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The skier found a precious ally in Game Ready, the innovative trauma treatment and post-surgery recovery machine which combines 'compression' and 'cold'.


Gloria Peritore, a woman with her boxing gloves on the roof of the world

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In 2013 I was kneed during a fight which caused a large tear in the thigh muscle. I was forced to walk with crutches and I limped. My doctor advised trying to schedule some sessions with the Red Coral machine, so I started doing them on a daily basis.