We believe and invest in training

We have been supporting Studiogest for over 7 years, provider for the Ministry of Health which has been organising courses for practitioners in the medical physiotherapy field, occupational therapists and developmental neuropsychiatry therapists since 1996.

The partnership with Studiogest allows us to remain in close contact with operators in the sector even during training periods, putting consumables and high performance tools at their disposal, designed to help them carrying out their activities.

The improvement of employees’ work performance and the subsequent well-being of the patient are the key elements of our mission.

Training courses available

Proprioceptive draining taping - PDT

The methodology of proprioceptive-neuromuscular and draining taping is based on a technique able to stimulate a process of self-healing through proprioceptive stimulation and an improved blood and lymphatic circulation.

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Functional adhesive taping - CLASSIC TAPING

With the term functional taping we identify the application of elastic or rigid tape which supports the joint or soft tissues.

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Fibrolysis in rehabilitation treatments

Fibrolysis is a method developed by a Swedish physiotherapist, Kurt Ekman.

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Treatment of the Fascia with Vacuum Therapy - COPPETTAGE / CUPPING

 Cupping is a method through which, and with the use of Cups (in our courses they are made of silicone), a local suction is created on the skin.

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